Ratan Villas resort is away from the noise and crowds of Mount Abu. We have limited but very fresh menus and often procure most of the organic vegetables from the local village – Oriya. We offer amazing experiences like a meal under the sky on the top most hill within resort premises.

Let our chefs pamper you by putting together a meal of your choice that reflects the local cuisine. At Ratan Villas, our chefs can suggest selections highlighting the state’s culinary traditions that suit your own taste buds. If it is international cuisine you’re after, you need not worry. Our chefs can offer a variety of cuisines, again based on what you crave that day. The choices are endless. Pick from an enticing spread of continental and Indian dishes for breakfast, with a glass of freshly-squeezed juice and whole fruits to the side. The a la carte lunch and dinner menus are replete with traditional home-cooked meals and continental fares, many of which have cemented themselves as firm favorites of the hotel’s repeat guests. If you have a craving for a bite or two sometime between meals, snacks are available throughout the day.

Dine by the Pool or at our Eternal Garden... Partake in meals in the Four Season restaurant overlooking the lush gardens and the villas. You can also dine al fresco in the eternal gardens amongst trees or along the parapet with the resorts bungalow façade in the background. Other than our restaurant – we also offer you amazing dining experiences in the privacy of your private garden in your Luxury Villa, or then by the outdoor fire place with a beverage in hand and make delightful conversations with lounge music, adding to the ambiance at the Eternal Garden.

Ratan Villas is the perfect combination of luxury and nature, and in these outdoor dining experiences, our guests – either as a couple or as a group – can enjoy private dining experiences nestled in the outdoors. A bonfire on those chilly nights, a clear sky studded with stars, and mouth-watering gourmet cuisine will make for a luxurious experience to remember!