Trekking and Bird Watching

Trekking is the one of the most exhilarating ways to discover nature. These expeditions, under the expert guidance of our in-house naturalist at Ratan Villas, offer an up-close look at the rich biodiversity of the Aravali's. The treks feature rare views of the valley from vantage viewpoints, adventurous trails, and exquisite waterfalls (during monsoon). Treks begin daily early in the morning and take our guests to one of two places (Rameshwar Temple site or Agai Mata Temple site). Mount Abu is an ornithologist’s delight. And is every bit as entertaining and enlightening for the amateur birdwatcher too. Consider how Mount Abu alone accounts for over 25% of all bird species in India, and you get an idea of why birding at Mount Abu is so popular. The green avadavat or green munia (Amandava formosa) is a species of Estrildid finch with green and yellow on the body, a bright red bill and black "zebra stripes" on the flanks. They are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and were formerly popular as cage birds. This bird is only found in Mount Abu particularly in the area of Oriya.

For wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and early risers, starting off with a bird sighting walk at 6:30 am on the vast grounds of the resort can be a spirited curtain raiser to a great day. If your guide on this walk happens to be a certain Sher Singh, then you are very likely to be awakened, or greeted (if already awake) by a bird call, albeit a simulated (but very convincing) one. The morning air of the resort resounds with the chorus of hundreds of birds. The Mount Abu region of the Aravali’s is home to numerous avian species both common and rare. The forested character of the resort and the surrounding deciduous plantations (with its large numbers of fruit trees and flowering plants) attract these feathered guests in large numbers. Just about any path that you may wander upon in or out of the resort is rife with bird song and presence. On this beautiful morning, we chose the little path that ran beside the Mount Abu wildlife reserve next door.


Nature Walk / Forest Therapy

Mount Abu presents the perfect weather and opportunity to discover the naturalist in you. Go trekking in the adjoining Mount Abu Reserve Forest with a guide. Learn all about the birds and the beasts, and understand how each tree has a story to tell. Listen to jungle lore under a canopy of multi-hued green, and come back with a greater knowledge of the forest system and a higher sensitivity to the eco system. Taking inspiration from Japanese philosophies, this experience aims to give our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a completely natural environment, bathing in the positive energies of the forest. The experience begins with a short walk through a private trail just outside the property. Our guests are invited to take their time walking along this trail, listening to the layers of sounds that colour the silence, feeling the crunch of leaves under their feet, and breathing the cool, energising air of the forest. The experience ends removal of any remaining tension or stress away, overlooking the most breathtaking view of the surrounding forest and mountains. A truly immersive experience, Forest Bathing at Ratan Villas is a must-do for that much needed rest and relaxation.